10 of the weirdest inflatables ever…

10) Inflatable floating wind turbine

The least weird but somewhat still a bit odd…science is a wonderful and whacky thing – check this out:

“The inflatable wind turbine is designed to lift to high altitudes where winds are stronger and more consistent than those reached by traditional tower-mounted turbines. The turbine is held in place by high-strength tethers, which also have cables to carry electricity to the ground. The BAT borrows heavily from aerostats, the blimp-like inflatables that have been used to lift heavy communications equipment for years. BAT is designed to withstand very strong winds, and a prototype survived 45mph winds in a 2013 test.”



9) Inflatable Russian Military tanks

The Russians are by far one of the quirkiest and technologically advanced countries in the world, but we’re not sure about their idea for ballistic inflatable tanks… That said – when world war 3 is over there’ll be some fun to be had with these bad boys.

“The Russian military has lifted the curtain on the county’s new secret weapon: inflatable tanks.

These blow-up ballistic doppelgangers are used to fool enemy surveillance and intelligence drones into believing that the Russian army is far better equipped than they really are. The specially crafted material even fools enemy radar and tricks thermal imaging sensors into thinking that they’re the real deal, carrying the same heat signatures as their more tangible cousins.”



8) The ‘blow-up hand Elephant-thing’

Well they don’t even know what it is…

“Making a blow-up robot has plenty of advantages. It’s much cheaper to create a body that’s made mostly of air, and the Ant-Roach can swim in water. It’s also got a massive strength-to-weight ratio, too. It’s about 30kg, but can support anywhere up to 450kg. On the downside, a sharp needle could probably bring the bot down.”



7) Inflatable steel furniture

No we’re not joking, IKEA must be seething they didn’t think of it first… or aren’t.

“Forget flat-pack: the future of furniture is inflatable steel. That’s the vision of Oskar Zieta, a Polish designer who uses the technique to make resilient pieces such as ladders, chairs and stools. And his latest, the Tatarak coat stand, can be blown up at home with little more than a bicycle pump.”



6) An entire gallery of inflatable art in Hong Kong

Don’t have any ancient relics of your own!? No problem just blow up your own Stonehenge!



5) A giant inflatable colon

Because you just never know when you might need one.



4) Inflatable food

Because real food is too calorific (obviously) and everyone needs an inflatable turkey centrepiece  – only in America!



3) An inflatable church

We’re not going to preach how weird it is, but if you’re short on planning permission – fear not, you can inflate it, have your service and then deflate it like nothing ever happened.

Can we get a “hallelujah”?

Screen-Shot-2015-08-13-at-20.15.55-272x300.pngScreen Shot 2015-08-13 at 20.15.55


2) Inflatable lady boobs

Ladies and gents of a certain type… may we present to you, the inflatable boob!

Haven’t got £8000 for a boob-job? No problem! This budget version from Japan (of course) is a snip of the price and looks utterly real (under your clothes) well until someone bursts it, or you have to get undressed.



1) Inflatable child-birth re-enactment

What better way to show children the birds and the bees than a 24 foot inflatable, nightmarish, monstrosity like this… Go Sweden!



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