Six 18th Birthday Venues For Epic Memories

Turning 18 is a big milestone in your life as you can now (legally) drink and buy alcohol, get into nightclubs, get a tattoo (sorry, mum!), vote and much more.

You’re properly entering adulthood and this properly needs celebrating. Your 18th should be a birthday to remember for the rest of your life and the venue plays a massive part. Here are some epic ideas to make sure yours is the 18th that everyone can’t stop talking about. 

Hire Out An Exclusive Nightclub

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Now that fake IDs and smiling nicely at the bouncers aren’t a thing, you can actually make a nightclub completely your own. For a few hours at least.

Whichever is the most popular nightclub in your area, speak to the management team and propose throwing your own 18th birthday party there in the hours before they open. Most clubs won’t be full until after midnight anyway, so this means you can have your party there and it can reopen to the general public when it’s time for mum and dad to go home.

Then everyone else arrives and it’s like your party starts all over again.

As an alternative, hiring out the VIP section is sure to get all of the attention on you and, if you’re lucky, you may even get some complimentary bottles of champagne or vodka to really give it that VIP feel.

Boozy Afternoon Tea At A 5 Star Hotel Restaurant

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Maybe turning 18 is the perfect time to bring out your more sophisticated side and putting your wilder side on hold for a few hours. If you plan on celebrating this milestone with both friends and family, then hiring a 5 star hotel table for a meal of champagne afternoon tea with the girls could be the best way to kill two birds with one stone.

Or, you can hire out the function room at a country house or hotel. They’re good enough for weddings, so why not your 18th? Think of it as more of an escape, as you’re bound to have beautiful countryside views and surroundings without all of the noise a city brings - because you can have that every week anyway. You’d still have the private bars and the dancefloor when you’re done eating, so it could be a great way of combining a mini-nightclub feel with the benefits of eating in a restaurant at a venue where they'll take care of everything.

Party On A Boat

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There are lots of different companies who let you charter a boat and throw a party onboard. Image credit.

Partying it up on a boat is one way to live that celebrity lifestyle - even if it’ll only be for one night. You’ll feel like a VIP with jealous eyes watching you step foot on a boat with your friends following closely behind, and it’s certainly a way of doing things differently.

On a boat, you can hire a banging DJ to hop on board and get the party started. If it’s good enough for people in Ibiza, it’s good enough for your birthday. Plus, how many of your friends can say they partied on a boat for their 18th?

Head To The City In Ultimate Luxury

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Ultimate luxury and celebrity style is yours when being chauffered around in a converted, luxury Mercedes-Benz van. Image credit.

These are ace. Have somebody drive you and your friends around all night in a party bus, while you’re at the back celebrating hitting that milestone in great company.

Food, drinks, TV screens, blacked-out windows. And whenever you’re ready to head to the next venue on your night out, the bus will be ready and waiting for you and the whole squad.

You could even hire two. Come in a black Benz, leave in a white one.

Hire Out A Restaurant

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We’re not talking about booking a table for four at your favourite Italian restaurant where you can’t hear each other talk, the same thing your family might’ve been doing every week for years.

Go all out and feel a little more exclusive by booking the entire place from the moment they open to the second they shut.

With the whole restaurant available just for you, you won’t be worrying about strangers wandering in and stealing your limelight, the night will revolve around you. You don’t have to worry about a thing; the menu will be catered to what you like and the bartender will make sure your glass is never empty.


Use An Inflatable Igloo Or Nordic Tipi As A Pop-Up Nightclub At Home


It’s just as crazy as it sounds, and this is the way to go if you want to experience the nightclub lifestyle on completely your own terms. It gives you a chance to celebrate with more friends and family in a truly unique way, and it’s something everyone will remember and want to copy when it’s their turn.

Even if your back garden isn’t the biggest, you can choose from plenty of different sizes to accommodate your guests, and that won’t change the experience as you’d have a fully functioning nightclub along with an experienced DJ on hand to entertain your guests, and you’d not have to worry about anything.

You won’t be travelling for anything, as a dedicated team is on hand to set-up and then disassemble the igloo once the party is over. While the entertainment is provided and all you’d need to do is focus on having a good time. It’s unusual, but that’s exactly what’s going to make your night memorable and impress all of your guests.

You’ve heard other people talk about their parties, but nobody will have mentioned an igloo in their back garden, or even a piece of land you may hire for this special occasion. And they’re going to let you know that it’s one of the best parties they’ve been to.

The opportunities are endless, but you only turn 18 once so make sure whatever you choose to do is something you’ll be talking about for years to come.

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Need a Comparison Guide to Help You Choose the Perfect Venue?

If the idea of a pop-up nightclub in your own garden is something that you like the sound of, make sure you choose the right type of venue for your own particular needs. There’s a lot to consider, so take a look at this helpful guide:

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