4 reasons you should hire an inflatable dome rather than a marquee

So you're planning an outdoor event and you need to decide on the right structure to accommodate guests. There are so many advantages to installing an inflatable dome for your event or promotion and we're going to share some of them with you here .

1. They've got the 'wow' factor

If you want something that is guaranteed to give your guests something to remember, look no further. Our inflatable domes are so much more interesting than your standard four walls of flat sheets: they're fun, striking and look incredibly inviting. In fact, ours resemble igloos (hence our name), and it's not everyday you see an igloo at a function or event, is it?

2. Quick and painless installation

Forget hanging around for hours or even days while the team fiddle about with various bits of lining and ugly guide ropes; our domes can be inflated in minutes no matter what size you go for. When you need to create something impressive and time is short, domes are ideal because all they need is pumping up with air and it requires fewer people for installation before you're good to go. Typically, de-rigging is as quick as setting it up, and takes comparatively less time than a standard marquee. The most complicated full set up will be built by the team here in no more than five hours, and can be deconstructed in about half that time.

3. Make a splash

Picture the scene: on the day of your event, it's raining and your guests are huddled inside the marquee, staring at the drab weather and wishing they weren't outside. It's not an ideal situation for anyone. Tucked inside a dome that's 100% waterproof will means your guests forget the fowl weather outside, and concentrate on having the best time in the igloo.

4. Comfort is key

One other thing to consider in your search for the perfect place to entertain guests is their comfort. All our domes are designed in a way that allows you to keep the warmth in the structure thanks to the large air cavities between the two fabric skins. This means you get the added advantage of thermal insulation in the colder months, and in the summer, you can make sure your guests don't get too stifled in the heat.

Are you interested in inflatable dome hire now that you've read our top four reasons to opt for something a little different to the bog standard marquee? We can provide you with a quote or you can get in touch by calling 01132 270800 and emailing enquiries@igloodisco.co.uk.

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Danny Savage

Written by Danny Savage

Author and events expert Danny Savage is the go-to man when it comes to organising events to knock your socks off. Having worked as a festival owner, club promoter, in bookings, club management and as a DJ across the continents during a career spanning 10 years and counting, he’s made a name for himself in the industry. As a regular blogger, he’s also keen to share his experiences in the events industry with budding DJs and event professionals. Danny now hosts exclusive Igloo Disco events including festivals, birthday parties, weddings and corporate events.

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