5 top 40th birthday party ideas and themes for women


They say that hitting 40 can make or break people. We say forget about the age and make the most of reaching a new decade by throwing the best party she will have ever had. It’s not always easy deciding on a party theme or venue so here are our best 40th birthday party ideas for women.

Get dolled up

Great for the ladies (and men) who love to dress to impress, the Roaring 20s were all about being lavish and having fun while you’re at it. Get into the theme by creating a speakeasy-style room: low-lit, filled with plush, dark and soft furnishings, with alcohol in full flow...you get the picture. Book a live upbeat jazz band in so guests can swing the evening away.


40th birthday party ideas for women

Flower power

For the florally inclined 39-year-olds out there, this will make their birthday magical. There are many florists who offer courses and parties for beginners, improvers and experienced flower arrangers and enthusiasts. A seasonal and fun workshop for the lucky party can be a relaxing way to spend the afternoon, and everyone gets to take something home which is a big bonus.

Elegance and intrigue

Throw a Venetian masquerade-themed party and invite everyone to come in their finest gowns and tuxedos – oh and a mask. It’s up to each guest how fancy they go with the mask but the birthday girl will love the fact that everyone has dressed up for her party. In fact, the whole theme is great for going all out with vibrant decorations, dainty finger food and lots of bubbles!

40th birthday party ideas for women

Wine tasting

Book that special lady in your life and her nearest in for a wine-tasting evening if she loves nothing more than crackling open a bottle of red, white or rosé and chatting with friends. Make the occasion last even longer by throwing in accommodation and a meal over a weekend so no-one has to worry about getting home after they’ve indulged in a few glasses.

Arriba, arriba!

You can’t go wrong with a Mexican fiesta-inspired party, and it can be especially fab when hosted outdoors – we’re thinking colourful paper lanterns, colourful maracas and piñatas – both as games and a cake. Adults and children alike will love the fun sharing foods like tacos, nachos and churros, and we’re quite sure the adults will also enjoy the accompanying tequilas. Just remember to load up on salt and lime.


Ready to party into the 40s? Don't forget, for more tips on how to throw an amazing 40th birthday party, contact a member of our team and check out more of our ideas.


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