6 company Christmas party ideas


In charge of organising the big company Christmas knees-up and terrified of making the wrong decision? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. To alleviate your misery, we’ve compiled a list of the six best Christmas party ideas your employees are bound to love.


Riddle me this

For the logically inclined, here’s a great team-building exercise to get everyone involved. Working together against the clock, the idea is that you’ll solve lots of puzzles, codes and riddles. At The Great Escape, there’s a host of rooms with differing themes to choose from such as King Arthur’s Secret, Alcatraz and the scary-sounding Asylum.


Skates on

As clichéd as it can be, ice skating is best enjoyed at Christmas time, and brings out the inner kid in just about everyone. Even if you just make it a part of the work Christmas celebrations, you can’t get much more festive than wrapping up warm to glide around the Christmas tree.

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Cook off

Everyone loves food, and possibly cocktails even more so you can’t go too far wrong by booking everyone in for a Christmas cooking and cocktails session. And just as you’d expect at a cooking school, you get fed after you’ve made your foodie delights, and maybe even a Christmas gift box to take away if you’ve got a particularly generous allowance.


Kings and queens

What an enchanting venue a castle makes. Picture the scene: the Christmas trees will be glistening with lights, the reindeer will be munching away on carrots and attendees will love sipping on the mulled wine while it’s cold outside. A venue like this screams out for a murder mystery game and a true banquet meal.


That’s the ticket

Possibly one of the most extravagant ideas, book an entire carriage aboard the Belmond British Pullman for a luxury train trip to remember. Sommelier-selected bubbly, a customised menu created from the freshest ingredients and a ticket wallet to go away with are some of the perks if you decide to whisk everyone off their feet.

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Reely good fun

An integral part of Christmas for many and a good excuse to cosy up with popcorn and a hot toddy, a Christmas movie marathon makes for a fun and relaxed Christmas party. Choose a few of the office’s favourite films, find a good venue such as this one and make sure there are enough beanbags or comfy seats to everyone to unwind.



If you have an idea that you think needs bringing to life, why not consider a party in an igloo? Ours make fantastic, ‘wow-factor’ venues and can be customised in all the ways you can think of from lighting to music.






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