7 ideas for planning a surprise 40th birthday party

Thinking about how to make that big 4-0 bash a night to remember? We’ve got some fantastic surprise 40th birthday party ideas up our sleeves to steer you away from the mundane gatherings so prepare to be inspired.

Bloomin’ marvellous

Book your other half in for a bespoke flower arranging workshop where they can relax, get crafty with friends and take home their creation. There are lots of professional florists who will come to wherever you’d like to host the party, meaning the special person can relax in a comfortable setting, and it’s much easier to plan a surprise cake too.

Just the tonic

Partial to a G and T, are they? Then you might just hit the nail on the head with a private gin and tonic tasting experience. Great for the serious gin-nerd or those that just need another excuse to sip lots of new ones, these fun and informative sessions might even introduce the birthday boy or girl to their new favourite gin.

40th surprise birthday party ideas

A par-tee to remember

Plan a golf getaway – abroad or at home – on a magnificent course that everyone can enjoy. This type of party encourages a little healthy competition, and it provides the perfect chance to catch up with friends who you might not have seen in a little while – on the course or in the bar.

Can you gig it?

Bring back the good old days when they used to head to the nearest venue to catch the latest bands with pals, only this time it doesn’t involve sticky floors and smoky rooms. Find a really great band or soloist to their taste and throw a gig in a fit-for-purpose setting like in a gazebo if outdoors, or even better, an inflatable dome.

Scoot on

Working your way through parkland on a two wheeled-segway will never be so easy. Yes, it requires self-balancing but there’s no pedalling involved, all you have to do is hop on and enjoy navigating the bumps, hills, obstacles and woodland.

40th surprise birthday party ideas

image: www.wildwaybushcraft.co.uk

Light my fire

Got a Bear Grylls wannabe on your hands? Then pack them off on a wilderness and bushcraft survival course to see what they’re made of. A ‘traps and trapping’ weekend will really bring out the caveman/woman in them or take them back to our hunter gatherer roots with a course built around winter survival skills for the ultimate immersion experience.

You’re having a laugh

Book into a comedy club for some laugh out loud fun. Find a great venue close to where you are and settle in for a full night of comedy acts, and one huge bonus about an event like this is that it can be the place where you end or start the night.


There you have it – if you were looking for ideas for a surprise 40th birthday party, we hope we’ve done the hard work for you. Maybe you’ve got an idea in mind but you need the perfect venue with a difference. If you’d like to chat to us about throwing that special surprise party, get in touch with us for a free quote.

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