Can a corporate event add value?

Corporate events are a great way for businesses to engage with customers and expand their audience base, and they have become big news over the past few years. There are lots of ways to run a corporate event, and they also offer several advantages for your firm. We have listed four reasons for you to take a look.

Build brand recognition

By hosting an event and building hype around it, you’re able to promote your name and help people to connect with your brand. Generating this sort of exposure is excellent if you are planning an event that will go off with a bang and it means you will be remembered for the right reasons.You want to make sure you select your suppliers, your venue and your activities so you can generate the right buzz around it in the lead up, during the event and long after. Ask yourself: “Will it get people talking?”

Foster interpersonal relationships

Meeting customers and other professionals in person is an invaluable part of hosting a corporate event as it allows you to widen your network of contacts and connect with your clients and audience on a personal level, in turn impacting on their active engagement. You get to converse with that person in front of you in ways that a Facebook post or a Tweet cannot, get to know them, and leave a lasting good impression.

Can a corporate event add value

It strengthens your team

Getting employees together for your event and giving them a shared aim can work wonders for morale, motivation among staff and elevate the working mood. Everyone is working hard to make the event a success, and they all share in the triumphs and setbacks you encounter along the way so they can bond as a team.

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Boosting sales

At the end of the day, you will want to see some results from your event, and this can eventually be measured from the number of sales and leads you generated from having a presence on that day. Just remember that while it’s tempting to just look at the sales won on the day, you also need to review the results three and six months down the line if you are to gauge the true outcome more accurately.

Corporate events provide you with many opportunities that you wouldn’t ordinarily have access to stuck behind a computer so go out there and grab them with two hands. If you’re a relatively new organisation, hosting events can be great for you to build trust with your audience.


At Igloo Disco, we like to help companies throw a corporate event with the ‘wow’ factor. Think you could do with some corporate event management tips? Check out our article which will serve as your guide.



Danny Savage

Written by Danny Savage

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