3 Crucial Thoughts On Garden Party Gazebo Hire

Your special occasion is one that you’ll want to remember for the rest of your lives. Make sure it’s for all the right reasons, not because you didn’t consider these life-saving factors when deciding on your garden party gazebo hire company.

Stop, think and decide if the gazebo is the right choice for your garden party in light of these three points:

  1. Think Of The Neighbours
  2. Think Of The Weather
  3. Think Of The True Setup And Removal Time

If you’re now having second thoughts about whether the gazebo is the way to go, jump to our comparison guide to see all the different pop-up venues you can use for a garden party.

If you’re still confident that the gazebo companies you’ve been comparing (and hopefully compared at least three of them and not just gone to Dodgy Dave’s Marquees and Gazebos, whose number you got off the Buy and Sell board in Waitrose) will give you everything you need, at least read on to see why these points are so important.

1 - Think Of The Neighbours

How forgiving will your neighbours be if the party ends up going on later than planned and they’re trying to get some rest, whilst you and your guests are just getting into the swing of things?

A few jugs of Pimms and bottles of fizz have gone down nicely and now your kids aren’t the only ones dancing around the sound system. The BBQ's getting fired back up, and you and the other not-so-oldies are all ready to get on the shorts when the young ones head into town.

But Barbara from next door has sent Clive round to complain. He’s already unhappy somebody parked across the edge of his drive earlier in the day, even though he wasn’t going out, and somebody left the gate at the end of the lane open.

Now he’s annoyed some people are having fun. No wonder you didn’t invite him.

Either way, you’ve got two options: shut the garden party down and take it inside the house; or carry on regardless, with the sound emanating out from the sides of the gazebo, and have a very sour faced Clive and Barbara refusing to take your next Amazon delivery.

There are other options which mean your outdoor party can remain outdoors and your house can remain a non-party zone.

2 - Think Of The Weather

The other thing to think about when planning your garden party is the weather. I know you’ll have thought about whether it’ll be sunny or whether it’ll be raining, but what about the wind?

Under windy conditions, if you aren’t careful before you know it, the gazebo can go airborne. A strong gust can get under the structure and it’ll take off even if it’s pegged into the ground.

Besides the hired gazebo potentially getting damaged and costing you x-amount in repair bills, once it takes off the flailing legs could do some real harm to you and your guests.

Make sure your hired gazebo is well and truly secured with weights and factor these into your price calculations and comparisons.

3 - Think Of The True Setup And Removal Time

How long has your gazebo hire company said it’ll take to set up the gazebo, a few hours? And the same again to take it down? That’s great.

But, when are they coming to do both of these? If they aren’t setting up and removing the hired gazebo on the morning of the party and the morning after, respectively, the true setup and removal time is multiple days.

Once the gazebo is setup in your garden, it’s your responsibility. We were speaking to a cricket club recently who hired a number of gazebos for a big match. The hire company could only install them on the Thursday before the game, a whole three days and nights beforehand.

The club thought they’d secured them, but on Friday night, a little storm came in and destroyed all but two of the gazebos. They had to patch the rest up and have volunteers sleep in the clubhouse each night until the gazebos were back with the hire company. They ended up losing money on what was supposed to be some fundraising hospitality areas for the big match.

Make sure you find a gazebo hire company who is willing to install the structure on the morning of the party and remove it the morning after. Anything else runs the risk of you getting caught out by a rough half hour of weather.

Now, Consider All The Alternatives

Gazebos can be great for garden parties. They’re relaxed and offer a nice bit of shade. But they have plenty of downfalls.

Why not consider all the different temporary structures you could hire for your garden party that we have put into one handy comparison guide. Whichever you have any more questions about, be it a Nordic tipi, an inflatable igloo or a classic marquee; ask one of our party planners for some free advice.

You’ll only get one chance to celebrate this party, make sure it’s absolutely perfect.

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Ben Askham

Written by Ben Askham

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