6 Epic 18th Birthday Party Ideas

Turning 18 is amazing. You are usually still at college or sixth form so are surrounded by your friends day in, day out, you still live with your parents so luckily don’t have to think about the boring stuff like bills and how to work a washing machine; plus it’s the age where you can finally go out, legally drink and get into nightclubs without worrying about getting in. Therefore, throwing an epic 18th birthday party is key to enter adulthood with something you’ll always remember.

Having a birthday party means you can celebrate with your friends and family all in one place, and everyone there has come to celebrate your birthday. The hard part though is figuring out how you want to celebrate your birthday, therefore we have thrown together a list of epic 18th birthday party ideas.

  • Throw Your Own Festival
  • Go Sky Diving & Supercar Driving With Your Friends
  • Party Like A Celebrity
  • VIP Shopping Trip
  • A Holiday With Your Friends
  • Hire A Pop Up Nightclub In Your Garden

Throw Your Own Festival

When Summer comes so does festival season. People love festivals, as they attract hundreds of thousands of people from across the world. There is a festival for everyone as each festival holds various artists from different genres in music.

If your birthday falls within the Summer season hosting a festival themed garden party could be one to consider. Festivals are a great place to let loose, listen to great music, have a drink and dance around with your friends. Having one in your garden can include all of that just minus the camping part.

Another great thing about a festival is the dress code. No need for high heels and tight dresses or for guys smart shoes and shirts, you can wear wellies, put glitter in your hair and use face gems, but don’t forget your rain coat as the British weather is unpredictable.

With a festival themed party how extravagant you go is up to you. You could keep it simple by just playing some music within your garden or you can hire a party planner who will sort out a DJ, bar area and decorations.

Igloo Disco presents : HYC in the Park 2015 (unique pop-up events) from Igloo Disco on Vimeo. 

Go Sky Diving Or Supercar Driving With Your Friends

Not everyone is going to want a boozy birthday party with dancing, some of you may want to do something completely different. There are many places to go if you want to feel an adrenaline rush but some of these places you may visit more than once within your life. For something to really remember why not try a skydive with a few of your bravest friends. Skydiving creates such an adrenaline rush and it is a once in a lifetime experience.

If that is too extreme as you don’t fancy jumping out of a plane driving around a racing track in a supercar is also great at creating an adrenaline rush and will also be a very memorable experience. Here you can time your friends laps giving it a bit more of a competitive streak.

Skydiving-2.jpgImage courtesy of https://www.jumpwithus.co.uk/

Party Like A Celebrity

Everyone on TOWIE and MIC does their fair share of clubbing, but they never slum it in the general area or even just a booked table. They go strictly VIP. Celebrities will hire out the VIP areas in clubs which will come with complimentary bottles of Vodka and Champagne. If you’re looking to party like your favourite TV star then hiring out a VIP section of a nightclub could be for you.

A VIP booth is a great way to stand out from the crowd as you can party the night away with your friends in your own private booth usually overlooking the main dancefloor. Within the VIP area you will be treated like royalty with drinks and mixers on tap, you will also have a private seating area just in case you want to take a break from dancing the night away.

This is a great way to experience what a nightclub is all about within the privacy of your friendship group, however you can bring people back to your VIP booth if you wanted. You can even hire pretend-paparazzi to capture your arrival at the club.

VIP BoothImage courtesy of https://homelincoln.co.uk/

VIP Shopping Trip

If you are into shopping this one is perfect for you. Hire out a luxury Mercedes Jet Sprinter which can hold you, your friends and family members to take you around London for the ultimate VIP shopping trip. These Sprinter’s are used by celebrities like Kim and Kanye as they offer space and comfort as well as style, therefore making them the ultimate vehicle to use for your VIP shopping trip.

Within the Sprinter you can enjoy bottles of Champagne with your friends and family while you ride around from shop to shop. With a chauffeur driving you can relax and let them drive you around the city. No hiking around between the shops and no rides on the hot and sweat tube.

Birthday shopping is necessary even if it is only for an outfit for your party or night out, therefore why not make a day of it with your friends and enjoy travelling around in luxury.

senzati-sprinter-3-1.jpgImage courtesy of http://www.luxuriousmagazine.com/

A Holiday With Your Friends

Now you have turned 18, a summer holiday with your friends is on the cards, so why not go and enjoy some sun and sand for a long weekend now instead?If you are looking for the ideal party holiday, then Ibiza is the location for you. With celebrities partying it up in clubs such as Ocean Beach and Amnesia you never know who you might see. At clubs like Ocean, you can hire out a bed which includes bottle service.his is a great place to relax, enjoy the music and dance all day and on into the night.  A holiday for your 18th birthday is something to remember and you can come home rocking a great tan.

If you aren’t too keen on the idea of a party holiday the world is your oyster as there are many places for you to visit all within just a few hours flight.

Simply head to your Sky Scanner app, find a city you like the look of and then get online to find a luxury apartment for you and your friends to take over for the weekend.A holiday can be whatever you want it to be but it is a great way to celebrate turning 18.

Ocean Beach-1.jpgImage courtesy of http://ibizaglobalradio.com/

Hire A Pop Up Nightclub In Your Garden

When we say pop up nightclub, we don’t mean a bog standard marquee from DavesMarquees.com. But, if you are wanting to stay closer to home and celebrate with more friends and family in a very unique way, hire an entire pop up nightclub.

Hiring an inflatable nightclub will be remembered not only by you, but by everyone who came to celebrate your birthday. An inflatable igloo disco is the answer.

Hiring an inflatable igloo may sound like one of the craziest 18th birthday party ideas, but this is a very different type of marquee which can be set up in your garden. You only get chance to turn 18 once so you don’t want to do something ordinary.

The igloo is a fully functioning nightclub and depending on the size you can hold a vast amount of people within the space, come rain or shine. You can throw a party inside an igloo with a bar and DJ to make your night worth talking about. With an igloo you can break out of the ordinary marquee in your garden and have something different and unusual.

With an igloo in your garden you can have a winter themed party, or you can be ironic and use it along with other inflatable objects and create one wild party.

With an igloo disco the possibilities are endless as you can use it for so many different themes. Our igloos are hired for use at big festivals so we can help you use one for that if a nightclub isn’t your favourite option..

18th Birthday Party Ideas Igloo

An 18th birthday party is a great time to be creative and different. You only turn 18 once. You want it to be memorable so make sure you let an expert plan your party.


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