Fancy an Igloo Disco on Mars? Well it could happen sooner than you think…

Humanity has dreamt of getting off the planet since we first looked up to the stars and began to study the cosmos. Sending men to Mars and even setting up a settlement on our closest planetary neighbour has long been the plot of many a sci-fi movie, Total Recall with the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger being my personal favourite.

Now it seems this could be reality sooner than you think. You may find yourself staying in Space Hotel inside an artificially created atmosphere in an inflatable structure within the next century. Of course the inflatable structures on mars will need to be made from a slightly more specialist material that your usual earth inflatable.

This amazing article from The Guardian Newspaper discusses the history of space habitability and also the issues we have making a cosmic mojito for your esteemed space tourist. It also discusses the history of using inflatables in space and the incredibly strong, but insanely light materials needed to create an inflatable eden on the red planet.

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Danny Savage

Written by Danny Savage

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