How To Hire A Pop Up Nightclub

Just imagine. An actual nightclub in your own back garden. What an incredible way to celebrate your child hitting an 18th or 21st birthday. You’ve probably noticed more people are hiring pop up nightclubs in their gardens for anniversaries and birthday parties. It’s a truly special way of celebrating. If you’re considering a pop up nightclub for a landmark birthday, here’s how to hire a pop up nightclub that will impress everyone who sees it.

Where To Start? Decide What Type Of Venue You Want To Use

Firstly, you need to choose the type of venue for your nightclub. As it will be located in your garden, you may be limited on size. Measure your garden to determine how much space you have to play with. 

Then you can consider the types of structures to hire in order to create this one-off venue.

There are many different types, each with their pros and cons:

  • Traditional Marquee: A popular choice and holds many guests but the tent poles cause some serious damage to the ground. Let's be honest, marquees have been over-done, they lack the WOW factor.
  • Nordic Tipi: A Nordic tipi is an unusual and visually-striking place to celebrate a birthday but again, the giant wooden poles will leave some lasting damage. They are very cool though.
  • Stretch Tent: A stretched tent can be shaped to complement your event, it can stand against high winds too.
  • Inflatable Tent: Inflatable tents offer lots of benefits. They provide excellent cover from the weather, they contain a lot of the noise made inside and they're UNIQUE.

There are lots of venues out there, you just need to find the right one that will suit your budget, space and needs. Most importantly, it needs to have the wow factor as well. If you’re planning a surprise birthday party, the venue must look spectacular.

Choose Your Vendor

When it comes to hiring a pop up nightclub, this is a major step. At this stage, you know what kind of venue you want to hire, you just need to find the right vendor you can rent from. Take some time to search online to see what options are available and compare at least three quotes.

Look at what sizes and styles they have available and find out what the set up options are.

Ideally, you want to have a venue that can be set up in the morning of the party and then dissembled the next day. That’s what we do here at Igloo, we set up our inflatable igloos in the morning of the party and then take it down the next day, we clean everything up too so you don’t have to. 

With Igloo, We Guarantee: From nothing to nightclub in under 5 hours, whatever the weather!

To help you find the best venue vendor, start by looking at their social media. Checking their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is an effective way of seeing what kind of parties the vendor has catered for in the past and if they create the same nightclubs you have in mind.

It’s no use hiring a marquee company to create a nightclub for an 18th birthday if all they specialise in is country shows and summer fetes.

Don’t forget to read their reviews. Reading reviews will provide you with an excellent insight of what previous customers have thought about them. Did the birthday girl enjoy her party? Were other parents happy with the results? What did the guests think about it? We recommend looking at Google Reviews for unbiased reviews from previous customers.

Decorating And Lighting

After you’ve picked your venue, you will need to organise lighting and interior decorating.

You can hire nightclub lighting or purchase cheaper alternatives you don’t mind using for one night then throwing away or storing until Christmas/your next event. Before you buy, just make sure you’re hiring/buying from registered and recommended retailers to ensure you’re buying safe lighting. Many of the cheap disco lights you find on Amazon & eBay may look good on the picture but they're cheaply made and don't meet EU regulations. Do your research before you buy to avoid disappointment.

With decorating, start by choosing the theme of your nightclub. Do you want to go with a standard nightclub vibe or choose a fancy dress option? Do her or him and his friends have a particular club they talk of going to, like Pacha or Ocean Beach? Then decorate accordingly.

Hire A DJ

The next important task is to find a DJ. As the DJ is central to a successful nightclub party, choose your DJ wisely. One of the best ways of finding a DJ is asking people for recommendations. You can also look online and in directories, but it’s beneficial if you can approach a DJ who is highly recommended. Ask your child to pass you any playlists and artists they love, you need to make sure the DJ plays music they like.

It’s important you book your DJ in advance. DJs are booked up for weddings, corporate events and birthday parties so booking a DJ on a Saturday night can be difficult if you’re leaving it last minute to book.

Pioneer DJ Setup in our Igloo twitter size.jpg

Here's one of the view from the DJ booth inside one of our inflatable igloos. 

Hire A Bar

Another important feature of any nightclub is the bar. Bars are available for hiring at weddings and events. You will need to compare quotes and make sure the bar will fit in your venue. When it comes to hiring a bar, you will need to pay for bar staff and drinks too.

But the beauty of the nightclub being in your own back garden, you’re in full control of who can and cannot access the alcohol.


And, on that theme, you need to think about how you will manage security on the night. If word gets around that there’s a pop-up nightclub and a party at so-and-so’s house, what will you do if an uninvited group of possibly drunk teenagers arrive?

Letting them in when they’re in a good mood is one thing, but what about later into the night? Professional help who knows how to run a guest list and nip any problems in the bud might be the best plan here.

Wish There Was A Simpler Way Of Planning Your Pop Up Nightclub?

If you’re concerned about hiring lighting, decorating and finding the DJ, check with the venue vendor you are hiring from because they might be able to offer you a complete package so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Here at Igloo, we offer complete and tailored party packages with our inflatable igloos. That means, along with our unique igloo venue, we bring the DJ, sound systems, non slip flooring, all the technical equipment and supplies you need, even a fully staffed bar. We manage the event too, which means you can enjoy the party and leave everything to us.

Need A Hand Planning Your Party? We’ve Got A Free Guide You Can Use

When you’re organising a party to celebrate your child reaching an important milestone, it’s obvious you want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. That’s why we’ve created the essential guide to party planning. ‘The Party Planner’s Handbook’ has all the important steps you need to follow (along with insider advice from our own team). Enjoy!

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