Our favourite 40th birthday party ideas

You're a real adult now, there's no getting away from that fact when you turn 40. You could either get depressed, given that the next milestone is turning 50, or throw a party to celebrate reaching this ripe old age. We like the sound of the second choice so we've rounded up 5 fabulous 40th birthday party ideas.

Killing it

Do you love throwing your own parties and playing a good game of Cluedo? A murder mystery party could be just the thing for you. What's more, it'll help dispel the problem you sometimes encounter when guests are clustered in small groups chatting among themselves because everyone has their role to play and guests have to mingle in order to solve the whodunnit. Never hosted a murder mystery party before? Read some tips here.

Play your ace

Transform your party space into a Vegas casino complete with gaming tables (including blackjack, roulette and poker), a live singer or comedian to keep non-playing guests happy and don't forget to hire out professional dealers for the night. Tell your guests to come in their tuxes and finest dresses, book out the best magician you can get your hands on and your photos will come out looking incredible.

New Call-to-action

Next stop: North Pole

Let your imagination run wild with an inflatable dome. Sometimes having a blank canvas is one of the best things you could wish for when it comes to arranging a 40th birthday party. Get right into the northerly theme and transform the space into a winter wonderland complete with an ice bar, artificial snow and a snowflake-studded dance floor to enchant guests or maybe you'll head down the the apres-ski route for some alpine-inspired fun.

All shook up

Who doesn't love a delicious cocktail? Wherever you are in the country, chances are you'll be near a venue that will host your party for a cocktail masterclass. Classes are run by bartenders or mixologists who'll help you mix, muddle and shake your tipples using all the fancy equipment. If you've got a favourite cocktail you've always wanted to know how to make then here's your chance to master it. Oh, and it goes without saying, you get to drink all the cocktails once you've made them

Head for the hills

Gather your nearest and dearest and journey to a retreat in the hills where you'll have your own space to relax, explore during the day and celebrate when the night closes in. Pick a residential centre in a nice rural location, sort out some music - whether that's courtesy of a friend or a local band - and make sure you tell everyone to bring food and drink, instruct them where to go, and you're sorted for the weekend.


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