The key questions to ask when you hire a marquee


You have to make sure all angles are covered when you come to hire a marquee because they can literally hold your party together. Maybe it’s a 40th birthday party you are organising or a wedding reception you’re thinking of hosting in a marquee...whatever the occasion, here’s what you need to ask before you sign up.


What sizes do you offer?

This usually depends on the hirer having a rough idea of numbers because you don’t want people to be squashed into a tiny space nor do you want an empty marquee, so choose your size wisely. The most realistic estimate you can give them is the best you can do, after all, closer to the time you can’t predict people dropping out or coming on board at the last minute.


Which kinds of marquees do you have?

There are lots of shapes to consider in your hunt for the perfect marquee. Traditional, tipi, yurt and stretch tent are just some of the styles out there so, depending on the atmosphere you want to create, it’s worth shopping around to pick the best shape for purpose.


Are your marquees insured?

Check if the marquee hire company has public liability insurance and damage waivers in place, and whether you need to get any further insurance to protect yourself. Even better, if they are members of MUTA, it means they must follow MUTA’s industry-leading Best Practice Guide and be legal, decent, honest and truthful.


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Will you be able to sort out the practicalities for me?

Toilets, electrics, heating, catering and refrigeration...someone needs to make sure it’s looked after. The question here is: will you be able to let the marquee company take these issues off your hands or is it something you have to arrange for yourself? Either way, make sure you know before you proceed.


What extras will you need?

It depends entirely on the occasion but you need to consider what extra items you’ll need to entertain guests. A marquee for a wedding will need a good supply of tables and chairs; it’s worth looking into sorting a dance floor for an 18th birthday and corporate events require a good sound system for speeches. If you know what you need, ask if they can take care of this for you.


How do we choose a site?

Find out what is and what isn’t possible for the site you choose. If you don’t have a site in mind, the company should be able to find one for you in your preferred area. One typical problem you might encounter along the way is the issue of uneven or sloping ground. Most companies will be able to provide a range of options to cater for your needs, for instance, a raised platform can get around the problem of a slope.



This is a great starting point for anyone thinking about the first steps of hiring a marquee, and there are many more points we could cover. If you’d like to contact us about about our inflatable domes as a quirky alternative to a marquee, a member of our team would love to chat to you or give you a free quotation.


Danny Savage

Written by Danny Savage

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