Unusual Function Hire Services For Your Child’s 18th

Time has flown by and your little ones are all grown up; hitting their 18th birthday where they’ll no doubt want you to finally treat them like adults (even if they don’t always act like it). Help them enter adulthood by throwing them an unforgettable party and think of some unusual function hire services for your child’s 18th.

They’ll always appreciate you, but they’d definitely make it known how much you mean to them if you ditch a run-of-the-mill family meal at a restaurant - they only turn 18 once, so it’s your job to do something that they’re talking about for years to come. So, take a look at some unusual function hire services for your child’s 18th that you may want to consider.

The Great Escape - Hire A Fort

Drop anchor at this man made fortImage Credit

If you want to create a truly unique experience and escape your everyday lives for a little while, send your child and their friends to a man made fortress where nobody can stop them from having an incredible and relaxing weekend.

Services such as Solent Forts offer an unrivalled experience all year round with a vast range of facilities for your child to explore.

It’s like a getaway on your very own piece of land and nobody can disturb them from having fun.They might enjoy kite flying in the morning, laser battles in the afternoon and chilling out in the sauna in the evening, and much more.

This might sound a little childish on first inspection, but they’ll appreciate this luxurious experience as they properly enter adulthood, as they’ll be provided with champagne, five-star accommodation and award-winning dining.

It’s a quirky venue to hire, but who likes the boring, everyday stuff? If you want to create epic memories, drop anchor at one of the forts for a memorable occasion.


Make It Your Own - Hire Out An Exclusive Nightclub

We’re not talking about booking a VIP section in advance for your child and their friends to sit and drink all night, we’re saying go all-out and hire the whole venue so they’re the only ones partying it up. Other, jealous, onlookers will have to find a different club in town.

Maybe you can agree on something with the management team; proposing that you’ll plan and throw a private birthday party for your child and their mates hours before they open. The club will be thankful of the extra takings and your kid’s mates will be suitably impressed.

Also, any older relatives or those younger cousins can leave before things get too rowdy later on.

This doesn’t have to be limited to a nightclub, as you can hire just about any venue and then get creative! Surprise them by booking some quality entertainment to perform just for them, ranging from pop stars, to DJ’s, to circus performers - the opportunities are endless. With social media, it’s easier than ever to reach out to them and book them for events.

Most clubs don’t open until midnight anyway, so people passing by will be wondering why this exclusive group is heading inside. Those left outside will be wishing they were part of the exclusive party - which makes it all the more special for those who are invited.

Even though they’d be partying all over again once the general public can enter, your child will be thanking you for helping set-up an unforgettable pre-party.


VIP Shopping Spree In Style

Shop in style in this SprinterImage Credit

If your child is constantly asking you for money for shopping to stock up their already over-full wardrobe, then this unusual idea is something they’ll love. From the moment the moment you hand them your credit card, to when they’re pulling up to stores in a luxury hire car, they’ll feel like out and out royalty

There are plenty of services out there that let you hire out VIP buses or cars, such as a Mercedes Jet Sprinter which is big enough to host your child and their groups of friends - even you, if you fancy tagging along.

They won’t hesitate hopping into one as plenty of celebrities are caught by paparazzi stepping out and heading to the finest designer stores the city has to offer, and they’ll love it when the public is wondering which celeb has been riding around the city.

What’s not to love? They’ll have a chauffeur taking them from shop to shop so they can relax, so you won’t be worrying about how they’d get home with all of those bags, especially if you went the extra mile and made sure there was plenty of champagne on board.


Pack Their Bags And Treat Them To A Holiday

Things have changed since you and I turned 18. Like hen and stag parties, the goalposts have moved and the ideas (and budgets) are getting bigger all the time.

The positive side of this is that it’s not unreasonable to expect a little getaway with close family and friends. There are all sorts of killer places for your birthday child to visit - with a few friends or you and their siblings - and have a full-on weekend of celebrations.

Be it an apartment in a party city like Berlin or Valencia, or something a bit more exclusive like a luxury villa on the Algarve or the French Riviera, you’ll be the most totes-amazing parent ever… or whatever. Make sure their passport’s in date and get looking for 5-Star Airbnb’s for the weekend.


Build Pop-Up Nightclub In Your Back Garden

Beatherder igloo.jpg


A holiday is one option, but if your child enjoys partying then this venue is the one they’d remember the most once it’s over, plus more of their special friends and family can attend than many of the other suggestions.

A pop-up nightclub is more than just a marquee in your garden: it’s looks amazing and comes with all the other features a nightclub offers. From a DJ to door staff and expert mixologists behind the pop-up bar.

Igloo Disco Expert Tip: Hiring a couple of door staff for your pop-up nightclub at home will make your child and their friends feel super-special. You can create your own guest list and let the door staff hand out entry stamps or wristbands. Or, better yet, make it a ticket only occasion to help get the guests really excited.

A venue like an inflatable igloo is truly unique, and your child will get the full vibe of a top-end nightclub right on their doorstep you won’t have to worry about the clean-up afterwards either because the team will take care of it for you.

Another tip is to check that your venue provider offers this service, because even though Igloo Disco do, not all suppliers are the same.

In regards to size, it doesn’t matter how big or small your back garden is. There are plenty of different sizes available to accommodate everyone and don’t worry, a smaller venue won’t change the experience as it’d still be a fully functioning nightclub along with an experienced DJ on hand to entertain the guests.

With a pop-up nightclub at home, there’s no travelling, no stress - just good times and memories that last a lifetime.

Your child is going to want a memorable 18th birthday celebration, and an outside of the box idea like any of these is what’s going to ensure they have a good night, while impressing everyone in attendance as well.


Need a Comparison Guide to Help You Choose the Perfect Party Venue?

If the idea of a pop-up nightclub in your own garden is something that interests you, make sure you’re picking the perfect venue that will suit all of your needs. There’s a lot to consider, especially for an 18th birthday party, so go ahead and check out this helpful guide:

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