6 Reasons More People Are Looking For A Disco For Hire

Pop up parties are growing in popularity for a reason.

They’re fun, they look incredible and, most importantly, for the birthday girl/boy, everyone who attends will remember a spectacular party. As there are so many moving parts when it comes to organising a party, more people are preferring to choose a pop up nightclub or disco for hire. By hiring a disco, you get everything included, the structure, the setup, the company’s expertise and so much more.

These are the reasons why people are choosing a disco for hire when throwing landmark birthday parties and events.

An Obvious Reason... They Look Amazing!

When it comes to planning your child’s birthday party, it’s natural you want something that will impress everyone and be unique. From your child’s point of view, having a party that’s completely different to everybody else’s is important. They don’t want to follow the crowd; they want to stand out. That’s the reason why pop up nightclubs are growing in popularity.

Having your own disco in your garden is unique. Visually, it looks impressive, and your child can have their own nightclub for a night filled with all their friends and family.   

It’s All Inclusive

If you decided to hire just a marquee or a community hall, it’s expected you will organise and manage your own decorations, DJ, technology, bar, food, lighting, security, clean up and everything else in between. Trying to find the right DJ who is available to play on the night can be difficult and where do you even start looking to hire bar staff for one night?

Hiring a disco which has everything included is a lifesaver in regards to time, stress and costs. You don’t have to worry about booking everything. The company you’re hiring the venue from will already have it all planned and ready.

With Igloo Disco that’s exactly what we do. Along with our inflatable Igloos, we bring all the features you need for a successful party: DJ, tech, security, bar (with bar staff), etc.  

They Take The Stress Off Your Shoulders

Planning a party is fun. Choosing venues, picking the caterers and finding the best DJ is all part of the process. However, let’s not ignore the fact it can get stressful too. There’s many moving parts to think about and, importantly, there’s the emotional stress of making sure your child has an incredible time.

By hiring an all-in-one disco, you can be confident the company has hosted birthday parties before and they know exactly what to do.

The Disco Company Provides Their Expertise

Adding on to the previous point, by hiring an experienced and successful company to manage the venue and everything else, you can be certain they know exactly what your child wants in their party. If you’ve never planned a party like this before, it’s daunting not knowing the bands and artists your child and their friends like to listen to.

Hiring a disco means you can talk to an experienced professional who can help you plan and organise the event. They can share insightful information that has been successful in other parties and they can help your vision become a reality.  

Safety Is A High Priority

By choosing a disco for hire, you can also be confident that the venue will be set up safely, following health and safety regulations. When there’s a disco in your back garden and there are guests who have had too much to drink, it’s important risk assessments are made to decrease the risk of any injuries.

For every birthday party we attend, safety is a top priority. Our inflatable structures are set up securely (using a special anchoring technique - no ugly or trip hazardous tent ropes are used!) so they remain upright and fixed to the ground. Our staff remain on-site during the party to manage health and safety. We concentrate on the important things while everyone else concentrates on having fun.

You Can Enjoy The Party Too

Finally, one of the main reasons people are searching for a pop up disco is because they can enjoy the experience too. If you ask any full time events manager or party planner, it’s difficult to let your hair down when you’re in charge of managing the event. By choosing a party company, they can manage the responsibility so you can have fun too. Why should you sit on the sidelines of your child’s biggest birthday party ever?

Want Some Extra Help Planning Your Event? Use Our Free Party Planner Guide  

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